Saturday, July 13, 2013

What a Sight It Must Be

Hey SPace Placers!

A cobalt blue Jupiter sized planet orbiting ONLY 2.9 million miles from its' star. WOW!

HD 189733b illustration
An artist's illustration of HD 189733b, a blue gas giant. Don't let the cool colors fool you — it sits so close to its star its temperature is a scorching 1200ยบ C.
NASA / ESA / M. Kornmesser

This is the first exoplanet to have its' color determined and it was done using the Hubble Space Telescope. The planet is a hell hole with 2200 degree F temps and it rains GLASS. Oh, and the winds are thought to be about 9,000+ mph!

The fact we can discern such things just by the light from the exoplanet, which is a feat in of itself to do, is simply amazing.

Sky Guy in VA

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