Friday, August 23, 2013

Back Home From the Sea

Hey Space Placers!

I got back home today from being at sea on Grandeur of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

It was a great trip and I got to meet people with an interest in astronomy and space exploration. Families were on the ship and some attended my presentations. I also had the pleasure of sharing a meal with some of them and talking about astronomy and science in general.

They gave me hope, as do you dear readers, that people do care about the future of space exploration in this country and have a passion and interest in the Universe in which they live. I saw generations represented in these families and how they shared this cruise together as a way to enjoy the sea, sky, ship and each other.

I will go on future cruises and give my presentations to hopefully more generations of families.

I highly recommend to everyone to go on a cruise with family, friends,  and/or significant other. The blending of sea and sky is a wonderful experience that you cannot achieve on land - trust me.

Sky Guy Back in VA

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