Sunday, August 25, 2013

Comet ISON Recovered

Hey Space Placers!

Comet ISON has been hidden since June by the Sun but has been photographically recovered on August 12th by an amateur astronomer. That's the good news.


Photo by Bruce Gary, courtesy Sky and 

The bad news is that the comet has not brightened as anticipated. In fact, it has hardly changed in brightness since last seen in June and is dimmer than had been predicted to be at this point in time.

Comet ISON is a comet from deep within the Oort Cloud - see my previous blogs - that is making its' way into the inner solar system for the first time. Accordingly these type of comets have a predicted brightness based upon the behavior of similar comets in the past but are notorious for not following predictions.

The comet is close to or at the point where it is receiving enough radiation from the Sun to make water evaporate which should increase its' brightness. But apparently this has not happened to date.

Comet ISON's overall brightness will be monitored as it approaches the Sun for a closest approach on Thanksgiving Day. More observations will give us a better idea of the comet's brightness as well as what the comet is doing.

Bottom line at this point in time is don't hold your breath for a "Comet of the Century" appearance in December by Comet ISON.

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Only time will tell what Comet ISON does.......

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