Thursday, September 19, 2013

Inside the Milky Way Galaxy in 3D

Hey Space Placers!

Saw Antares-Cygnus from Northern Virginia and the Harvest Moon last night AND this morning. Both were great sights. Did you know that when the Moon sets in the West that it is titled nearly 90 degrees from the view we have when it rises? Fun to see the Man in the Moon, or Woman, or Rabbit, tilted - it's like they are laying down after a long night. It's caused by the rotation of the Earth away from the direct alignment with the Moon when it rises in the East. It is always most pronounced at Full Moon near the equinoxes.

Anyway, here's a cool video that shows what the interior of our Milky Way looks like. Read the background info and then marvel at what data presentation can provide as you watch the video -

Sky Guy in VA

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