Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sky Guy Viewing ALERT - Moon and Venus 9-7-13

Hey Space Placers!

Go outside after sunset tonight and check out the thin crescent Moon and brilliant Venus in the west - it will be an eye catching pair -

The Moon should display Earthshine - that beautiful blue-gray tint that is on the unlit portion of the Moon caused by the reflection of sunlight off of the Earth's clouds and oceans. Use binoculars for a better view.

Sky &

Wave to LADEE on her way to the Moon. I hope you saw my posted video of the launch - it was spectacular and a lot of people saw LADEE on the East Coast. Americans cherish their space program. I hear it every time I speak about it. Over 400 hits and counting on my You Tube video of the launch and all of the hits on my blog about LADEE are proof positive.

Sky Guy in VA

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