Friday, November 29, 2013


Hey SPace Placers!

The MOST befuddling comet in modern times continues to amaze astronomers in its behavior. 

Yesterday, reports were coming in that Comet ISON was dead and gone. Then it had a debris field/tail that was coming out of its closest approach to the Sun.

Today, NASA and others are stating that SOMETHING of the comet has survived. Perhaps it is a much smaller nucleus that is causing the comet to start behaving like, well, a comet!

As can be seen in this pic below, Comet ISON has what appears to be a coma and tail. 

What I have not seen from anyone yet is what will the comet mean to the viewing public. Will it be visible to the unaided eye? 

With Comet ISON only one this is clear......

We will have to wait and see.

Read More About It:

I will continue to monitor the latest reports and advise whether we will be able to see the comet in our morning skies.

Sky Guy in VA

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