Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hey Space Placers!

What a DAY!!!!

Comet ISON has left the astronomical community in tatters - "its dead, its gone, its coming back, something is left",  conflicting views everywhere.

Ah, what pure joy!

No matter what happens I cannot remember a comet causing so much rabble rousing on the 'net.

Here is the LATEST update from a leading expert on Comet ISON, BTW the title says it all:

One thing seems clear - the comet suffered some disruption going so close to the is not as active and bright coming out as it was going in.

The biggest question of course is what does it mean for viewing in the morning sky?

The jury is out on this but I do not think Comet ISON has much left to draw upon to light up the sky. I think it will be hard pressed to make naked eye visibility......hope I am wrong.

Sky Guy in What a Day VA

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