Thursday, February 27, 2014

NASA-Japan to Launch GPM Spacecraft 2-27-14

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Tune in today at noon EST  to watch live the launch of the revolutionary Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) spacecraft. GPM will be launched from Japan at 1:37 p.m. EST if all continues to go well on the countdown.


GPM is revolutionary in that it will allow for precise measurement of rain and snow across the entire planet which will aid in the weather forecasts. GPM will also help us gain new insights into the planet's water cycle and help mitigate drought stricken areas such as California.

Water on our planet is not created, it is recycled. Rain and snow fall, evaporate back into the atmosphere to start the cycle all over again. The more insights we can gain into this process on a global scale affords us better predictions of weather and water distribution patterns.

GPM is the first of 5 Earth missions for 2014. 

GPM was built at Goddard Space Flight Center.

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