Sunday, February 2, 2014

STARFEST 2014 Star Party

Hey Space Placers!

I hope that some of our attendees at the Inn at Perry Cabin's "Starfest 2014" are reading this! We had a GREAT time the weekend meeting new people, giving presentations and holding two star parties.

Last night was magical as we had a good group and almost clear skies to enjoy s'mores, hot cider and hot chocolate personally prepared by the Master Chef of the Inn.

With a nice hot fire pit to get warm when needed we embarked on voyage through space and time starting out with a nice view of Mercury, the crescent Moon, Jupiter and its four moons all through a telescope.

We also looked at Sirius through the 'scope before we used our own eyes as nomads of old to huddle around as a group with a fire and the stars as company.

The best part of our star party was that families, including young kids, were attending a star party and looking through a telescope for the very first time. To hear the "oohhhs, aahhhhs, wows, cools and sheer glees of delight was, well, wonderful.

People are curious about the Universe they live in. A cold night under the stars with a fire makes one consider what our ancient ancestors once did. And what of the humans before the first flames were created? The would have huddled together for warmth and protection but still would have gazed at the night sky.

Each of us is connected to the Universe on a most intimate basis - no Universe, no us. No Sun or Earth, no us. No massive stars and their exploding deaths, no us. Our individual oneness with the Universe is at its height when under the stars.

I hope you get to experience this by spending time under the stars and letting your thoughts wander amongst the sky.

Sky Guy in VA

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