Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sky Guy Viewing ALERT: Moon and Mars 3-18-14

Hey Space Placers!

If it is clear tonight make sure you go outside at about 11 p.m. local time and face the southeast. You will see the waning gibbous Moon keeping close company with a bright reddish-orange "star" just above it.

That "star" dear Space Placers is really the planet Mars. Mars is getting closer day by day to our planet heading for closest approach next month. Mars will continue to get brighter as well so it is worth watching Mars for the next few weeks.

Mars has been in the news lately on several fronts:

Mars Meteorite Contain Evidence of Life?

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Suffers Glitch

Mars Rover Curiosity Approaches Mount Sharp

And let's not forget this upcoming amazing Mars event:

October 2014 Martian Meteor Shower

Finally, here is a teaser that I will be blogging about soon - "Name a Crater on Mars".

Enjoy the Moon and Mars tonight and if you have binoculars or a small telescope look at the Red Planet. It will enhance the planet's color and brightness. Amateur size telescopes are capable of showing surface detail on Mars and changes that occur night to night. I have yet to get a good night to see Mars with  my own telescope but I am hopeful I will do so soon.

Sky Guy in Snow Covered and COLD VA

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