Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Travel In 3D Through All The Known Galaxies

Hey Space Placers!

Let's take a giant galactic leap from my blog yesterday. Let's travel far beyond our Local Group of galaxies by flying through all of the the known galaxies of the Universe just like the Starship Enterprise would do!

This incredible 3D video shows the actual positions and images of all the known (to date) galaxies in the Universe and was compiled from the 'Galaxy and Mass Assembly' (GAMA) Catalogue. To get the full effect view the video in a darkened room on the biggest screen you have.

Additional research has shown that some areas of the "Cosmic Web" (see my blog from yesterday) that were thought to be void or empty, are in fact populated by small galaxies aligned in 'tendrils' - structure that has never been observed before.

With this discovery astronomers will probably revisit the voids of the Cosmic Web and see what else, if anything they find. It is amazing to me that the structure of the Universe in all of its vastness is so delicate in its form - a web of billions upon billions of galaxies aligned along filaments and tendrils perhaps guided by dark matter and dark energy.

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