Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hey Space Placers!

I'm BAAAACCCCCCKKKK! Just got back from an amazing 4,520nautical mile transatlantic crossing aboard the beautiful Oceania Cruises' M/S Riviera. I will be getting back to daily blogs and want to say hello to new viewers from the Riviera!

Today is Earth Day. To me nothing makes you appreciate the Earth more than being at sea which of course covers over 70% of our planet.

Seeing the ocean and the sky meet at the horizon with either a Full Moon or Sun rising is mesmerizing as you can see in these pics.

This pic shows the Full Moon rising in the Atlantic 12 hours before it was totally eclipsed by our planet's shadow which you can see as the dark band above the horizon. The pinkish colored band above it is called the 'Belt of Venus'. Both are caused by the setting of the Sun directly opposite from this view.

This pic was of Easter sunrise in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ours is a beautiful and glorious planet that we have to take care of. The health of the planet directly impacts ours.

Sky Guy Back in VA

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