Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Parents - PLEASE READ!

Hey Space Placers!

Are you the parent of a child that has curiosity, likes to imagine, build things or dreams of being a scientist, engineer, inventor or astronaut? If so I just came across a WONDERFUL product that will provide entrainment and education to your child.

 littleBits is a new company that sells kits that incorporates electronic modules into models that your child builds, operates and performs experiments with. They can build a wide variety of stock items and also use the electronic modules to build items of their own creation.

Of course I am partial to their Space Kit but it will integrate with their other kits as well.

Kids today use high technology in school and in their spare time. littleBits incorporates novel  technology into their kits to give kids a chance to see how things work and build actual models with working instruments to conduct experiments.

I have not bought a kit myself but have looked through their online material. Plus, and this is a very BOG plus, NASA has officially partnered with littleBits which should give you peace of mind when buying these kits.

I hope you will give littleBits a try. The cost is very reasonable and the results may be life long in your child.

Sky Guy in VA

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