Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vet Your 'Net

Hey Space Placers!

You are reading my blog on the Internet. You probably Tweet, FB and have other Social Media outlets. My guess is that you, as do I, get a lot of your news via the Internet.

Here is yet another story that popped up on the 'Net that shows the danger of blind allegiance to what you read on the 'Net:

Bogus CNN article claiming an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth goes viral:
I encourage you to read the story in the link as it shows someone who is familiar enough with the subject to spin a good (and false) yarn.
I have seen this happen several times now on the 'Net so I will say it again:


In other words check the veracity of a story that is putting forth extraordinary claims, prophesies or news. 
I include my own Blog. 
I try hard to verify what I pass on to you either from my own personal experiences, knowledge or vetted/credible sources. But if something I or others post doesn't sound right OR is extraordinary in nature as this story accredited to NASA was, check it out.

Sky Guy in Vetted VA

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