Monday, June 23, 2014

UPDATED Sky Guy Viewing ALERT Predawn 6-24-14 Moon & Venus

Hey SPace Placers!


If you are an early riser be SURE to look at the waning crescent Moon and Venus in the eastern sky before dawn on 6-24-14.

Sky Safari Plus Graphic

This will be an especially beautiful view because the Moon will exhibit Earthshine - the pale light that reveals the darkened Moon and is caused by the reflection of sunlight off our planet's clouds and oceans - and will feature the Pleiades or Seven Sisters star cluster.

Try to take a look at 5 am or a bit earlier. The brightening sky will wash out the view as it gets later.

I will be trying for a pic and you can too by mounting your camera - a digital model is best - on a tripod and taking multiple exposures. You can try your cell phone and tablet too.

Here's to clear skies for us all…..

Sky Guy in VA

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