Friday, June 13, 2014

The Day the Sun ALMOST Blasted Earth

Hey Space Placers!

Happy Full Honey Moon - the Full Moon of June - AND Friday the 13th. A relatively rare occurrence.

In a previous blog I explained solar storms, space weather and their effect on our planet. Just the other day I told you about the Sun's Mini-Maximum that is ongoing. Even though the cycle is weak by historical standards the Sun had three X-Class events bam-bam-bam. The Earth may have a minor geomagnetic storm today as the result of these eruptions.

Here is a story worthy of Friday the 13th and the best apocalypse movies. NASA announced recently that the Sun underwent a solar storm event in 2012 that would have had enormous consequences for us IF it had hit us.

Fortunately we did not suffer this Carrington-level solar event. because of our position relative to the Sun at the time.  We have a fleet of spacecraft watching the Sun so we will have a warning of solar events and hopefully can prepare accordingly.

Enjoy the Moon and warm weather tonight….

Sky Guy Headed Back to VA

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