Sunday, July 6, 2014

7-5-14 Photo Shoot

Hey Space Placers!

Got some good shots last night but no joy on getting pic of Vesta-Ceres. I saw them but high clouds ruined pic attempt. Enjoy these:

I REALLY like this shot of the 1st Qtr Moon as it shows the variations within the maria (the dark round basins) and rays.

Here you can see the Apennine lunar mountain range, craters Archimedes (bottom) and Eratosthenes (top). Also note the "wrinkle ridges" in the maria (dark, flat areas).

That's the Moon in the lower left, a cloud halo and then Mars in the upper right.

See the solitary mountain peaks in the flat maria? You can also see crater rim shadows on the floor of Plato (top) and Goldschmidt (bottom). That is the Alpine Valley to the left of Plato.

The "Straight Wall" dominates this view.

My first pic of Saturn with the new DSLR. You can see the shadow of the ball of the planet on the rings in the lower right and the gap between the rings called Cassini's Division.

If it is clear tonight I'll have more pics for you.

Sky Guy in VA

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