Saturday, July 19, 2014

Comet ISON's Final Hours

Hey Space Placers!

Remember ISON, the "Comet of the Century" that died last year when it got disrupted by the Sun?

Scientists have continued to study Comet ISON and have analyzed the final hours of the comet. You can read a good summary of the research and see some of the videos taken during Comet ISON's demise here.

I keep hoping we will get another grand comet to awe us in the Northern Hemisphere… has been awhile.

Sky Guy in VA

P.S. We had a GRAND time at the University of Virginia's Public Night at McCormick Observatory last night even though it was cloudy. Over 150 people - families, students - came by, heard the lecture, got to learn a lot about the 26-inch telescope and toured the exhibits. If you live near an observatory or college check to see if they have public events. They are a lot of fun, usually free and pretty interesting.

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