Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm Humbled

Hey Space Placers!

One of the recent pics I shared with you - July 6 - was selected by for their "Image of the Day" for July 9, 2014. To be selected from the sheer volume of pics they receive is a humbling experience.

The fact that it was one of my favorite Moon pics ever because of the definition and contrast in the maria only makes me happier that it was selected.

I am fast approaching 800,000 page views of my blog and at the rate all of you are looking at "What's Up? The Space Place",  I will achieve a MILLION page views very soon - THANK YOU!

I will be providing details soon about a new outreach project of mine that will take space to people visiting the outdoors. I have to wait for the official public affairs release from the government agency involved but you wi be among the FIRST to know.

Sky Guy in VA

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