Thursday, August 28, 2014

NASA's Mars 2020 Rover, MAVEN Mission Update, NASA Journey to Mars Poster

Hey Space Placers!

NASA made an announcement on July 31st as to what the agency's next Martian rover will comprise. You can read about the Mars 2020 Rover here.

With new instruments and exploration objectives this new rover will build upon the experiences and discoveries of previous Red Planet explorers.

The new rover will be primarily based on the nuclear powered Curiosity Rover/Lab but will feature changes in chassis and I am sure wheel design. Curiosity's wheels have actual gaping holes in them caused by the tortuous and rocky terrain it has been traveling over.

NASA's Maven mission will be arriving at Mars next month on the 21st and all is GO on the spacecraft.

Finally, here is a VERY COOL poster from NASA and how they intend to get HUMANS to Mars:

Sky Guy in VA

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