Thursday, August 21, 2014

Send A Message to Mars

Hey Space Placers!

I'm getting ready for the 2014 Almost Heaven Star Party. I honestly can't remember the last time when I went to a star party WITH my telescope. I've been to many as a speaker - I'll be talking about NASA's Manned Spaceflight Program and James Webb Space Telescope at AHSP.

I should have Internet while at AHSP so I can stay in touch.

I wanted to tell you about a neat fund raiser by the good folks of Uwingu - the same folks that are taking names for Martian craters to make a "people's map of Mars". I have a crater named 'REDFERN' that is in Gale Crater where Curiosity is located:

Named by gredfern2014-02-27

Diameter: 6.61 km (4.11 mi)
Latitude: -6.37° N, Longitude: 137.12° E
District: 3377Province: 405
Citation: Named for the family of "SkyGuyinVA" Greg Redfern, a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, cruise ship lecturer, space contributor to WTTG and WTOP and "What's Up:The Space Place" blogger.
It is not an official designation but it is still cool to see your name on a Martian Crater/map.

Their latest fundraiser is to charge as a little as $5 to beam a message to Mars on November 28, 2014. This date commemorates the 50th anniversary of the launch of Mariner 4 to Mars, the very 1st mission to the Red Planet.

Join in and make a contribution. 50% of it will go to research, education and outreach. I've sent mine!

Sky Guy in VA

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