Monday, September 8, 2014

Sky Guy INTERNET ALERT - Nicaragua Meteorite Impact

Hey Space Placers!

The Internet is lit up over a reported meteorite impact in Nicaragua that left a crater.


Some news reports are indicating that this ALLEGED impact was caused by asteroid 2014 RC (see my blog from yesterday)

IT WAS NOT. Here is the latest from NASA on 2014 RC and the alleged impact event.

The crater will have to be studied using proven scientific techniques to confirm if this was in fact a meteorite impact event. There are several factors to me that are working against this as being a meteorite impact event:

  • There should have been reports of a fireball in the day or night sky by witnesses from a population area of over 1 million people;
  • Meteorites should have been visible in the immediate area surrounding the crater as the energy released by this event WOULD NOT have vaporized the impactor.
Bottom line is that this should NOT be characterized as a meteorite impact event until proven as such, let alone associated with asteroid 2014 RC which is absolutely incorrect.

More as it develops.

Sky Guy in VA

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