Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Am REALLY Getting Into Comets!

Hey Space Placers!

Look at this, can you believe that you are seeing a COMET less than 5 miles away?

Make sure you download the hi-res JPG to see every nook, cranny and pebble on Comet 67/P. This picture was taken by European Space Agency's (ESA) magnificent Rosetta spacecraft that will be orbiting and following the comet as it gets closer to the Sun this year.

I have always tried to visually see (and photograph) every comet I could and the short list (like my memory) is as follows: 
Hale Bopp

But when you work, have a family and lots of commitments it is tough to see them all. I missed   :-(   the northern hemisphere comet classics of Ikeya-Seki and West due to school and being in the Navy.

Comet ISON in 2013 was a real joy to follow on the Internet as was Comet Siding SPring that flew so close to Mars last October.

But I think it is Rosetta that has really showed us how insanely complex and wonderful these remnants of the beginning of our solar system are. They truly are worlds unto themselves.

Sky Guy in VA EAGERLY Awaiting The Next BRIGHT Comet

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