Friday, June 5, 2015

I Have Been In the Alaskan Bush the Past 6 Weeks

Hey Space Placers!

Been a LONG time.

I have been handling a family emergency in the bush of Alaska since April and have had no Internet. Thank goodness my iPhone worked but no go on doing a blog!

It has been interesting watching the ever increasing time of deep twilight and seeing no stars due to our high latitude of 60 degrees.

I watched Venus until AFTER MIDNIGHT which could never be done in the lower 48. The Moon wad also much lower in the sky than in the lower latitudes.

I am returning to the lower 48 Friday night and will be starting up my presentations at Shenandoah National Park this Sunday at Big Meadows  I hope some of you could attend.

I look forward to seeing the stars again and blogging with you - this has been a physically and emotionally demanding time but I have made GREAT new friends and seen the best in people at a time when they were need the most.

Oh, here is a pic of brown bear tracks that were VERY close to where I was in the Bush and new born twin moose calves:

Together we have much to explore as New Horizons prepares to fly by Pluto next month and Rosetta continues to monitor Comet 67P.

Glad to be back.....

Sky Guy Returning to VA

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