Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Just In....From PLUTO!

Hey Space Placers!

This is the most amazing picture I have ever seen returned from a planetary mission in over 50+ years of watching solar system exploration:

It is a close up from this overall view pic taken by New Horizons spacecraft 15 minutes after closest flyby on July 14, 2015. These latest pics were downloaded from the spacecraft on September 13.

You can see the high peaks of the ice mountains, the insanely smooth (no impact craters) plain and the layers of the atmosphere.

When you look at the other pics there are glaciers, fog in the mountain valleys and a host of other similar arctic-like features we see here on Earth.

The dwarf planet Pluto is way ahed of the 8 regular planets in the unexpected and the incredibly complex.....

Way to go Pluto!

Sky Guy in VA

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