Thursday, February 11, 2016

Einstein Was Right (Again)

Hey Space Placers!

History was made today as it was announced that a prediction in 1916 by Albert Einstein that gravitational waves should exist,  has been proven correct.

I am at the airport writing this and will give you some links to read.

But this is HUGE as we now have a new way to observe and HEAR the Universe......and the technology to make this all happen is truly mind boggling.

We also now KNOW that black holes exist!!!!

There are new discoveries in the Universe that await us due to gravitational wave astronomy coming of age as of today.

Thank you Professor Einstein and the thousand+ scientists, engineers and NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (which funded the LIGO project decades ago) for making this possible.

BTW the gravitational wave signal came from the southern skies and near the Magellanic Clouds!!!

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