Thursday, March 24, 2016

UPDATED Sky Guy Viewing ALERT Comet 252P/LINEAR In Morning Sky

Hey Space Placers!

UPDATE: Here are images and story about the OTHER comet that MAY be from Comet 252P/LINEAR. What is most interesting is how big Comet P/2016 BA14 is, almost a kilometer across as opposed to 252P/LINEAR's estimated size of 230 meters...the former may have calved the latter instead of the other way around.

This comet is also very, very dark which probably explains why it was estimated to be smaller than it is.


If you have binoculars, a fairly decent sky and SE horizon free of obstructions you will want to try and view Comet 252P-LINEAR.

Use this Sky & Telescope finder chart below and a red flashlight to see the chart to try and pick up the faint glow of this comet. You will not see a tail probably and the bright Moon will make it tough to see but it is worth a try. If you have a telescope you may be able to see its green color similar to Comet Lovejoy.

Sky & Telescope finder chart
Once the clouds clear out I'll be looking.

Sky Guy in VA

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