Friday, April 29, 2016

Sky Guy Viewing ALERT: MARS!

Hey Space Placers!

The Red Planet is getting brighter and brighter in the Southeast sky as it now rises at 11 p.m. You have to be careful to not confuse Mars with the reddish colored star Antares which is dimmer and below Mars. Antares means "rival of Mars" and you can see why - Mars can appear very similar to Mars when it is at the same brightness as the star.

Mars is also keeping company with the planet Saturn, a yellowish colored "star" to the lower left of Mars.

To top it off both of these planets are near the gorgeous summer Milky Way. All in all it will be a glorious sight to see in the coming months. Mars will be at its brightest around May 22 when it is directly opposite the Sun.

Make sure you get out and see this celestial spectacle.....

Here is what the sky looks like here in VA at 4 a.m.

VA Sky at 4 a.m. 4/29/16
by Sky Safari Plus
Once the clouds clear here in VA I will get some photographs to share with you.

Sky Guy in VA

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