Sunday, April 10, 2016

SpaceX Does It!

Hey Space Placers!

Read this article about SpaceX making history. I was amazed at how the Falcon 9 1st stage could remain upright on the landing ship in the white capped Atlantic!

Then look at this photograph of SpaceX - on the left - and Orbital ATK -with the circular solar cells - resupply spacecraft being at the International Space Station ISS) together for 1st time ever. That makes SIX spacecraft currently at the ISS!

Image by NASA TV
The SpaceX Dragon joined ISS today at 9:57 a.m. EDT and is carrying 7,000 pounds of cargo including the inflatable Bigelow module.

A good day in space!

Here is what Mercury looks like in the West after it starts to get sure to look for the planet closest to the Sun as it is bright and easy.

Mercury 4-9-16
Greg Redfern

Sky Guy in VA

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