Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hey Space Placers!

One year from today, August 21, 2017,  the continental United States will witness a solar eclipse. Many cities and states lie in the path of totality, or where the Sun is completely eclipsed by the New Moon.

My first and only total solar eclipse was in February 1998 onboard Holland America's Staatendam as a member of the Sky and Telescope staff. It was memorable and I look forward to being in the Moon's shadow again/

The time to start making plans for the eclipse is now. Fortunately there are a lot of resources to help.

Use this link to determine where you are in relation to the eclipse. You can determine if you want to see the eclipse from where you live or travel to where totality will take place nearest you. Here is a link that provides the best places to see the solar eclipse.

You will also need to buy pairs of solar eclipse glasses, one pair of each person in your observing party. THIS IS A MUST AS YOU WILL INJURE YOUR EYES IF YOU IMPROPERLY OBSERVE THE SUN. Here are solar eclipse observing safety tips.

You can also search the Internet for organized travel events that will center on the eclipse and take in accompanying sights and sounds from the local culture.

The year will go by fast so start planning now. I am.

Sky Guy in VA

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