Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zodiacal Light

Hey Space Placers!

I am back from being at sea and had a marvelous voyage. It was tough for Internet so I am sorry I was out of touch. I could so some Twitter tho ;-)

Here is a pic I took on the way to Hawaii of the Zodiacal Light.

Zodiacal Light at Sea
Greg Redfern
This happens only twice a year at the equinoxes and is caused by reflected sunlight off of countless asteroid and cometary dust particles. It is sometimes called the "false dawn" because from a dark sky sight - such as being at sea - it can be mistaken for the onset of dawn.

The Zodiacal Light has a distinctive "pyramid" or oblong shape as these particles are in the ecliptic or the plane of the Zodiac where the asteroids and planets can be found. Comets contribute to the Zodiacal Light when they have tails and comas as they get near the Sun.

Here is a good article on the Zodiacal Light.  Try for the late Oct-early Nov dates to see it.

Sky Guy Back in VA

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