Friday, December 16, 2016

The Breathing Earth

Hey Space Placers!

Look at this wondrous GIF that was part of today's Earth & Sky.

CREDIT: John Nelson IDV Solutions
It brings our beautiful and wondrous planet alive which it is in the sense of being an ecosystem that supports ALL life. We are doing harm to Earth and ultimately ourselves and the other life forms that exist with us.

The planet doesn't need us, WE need the planet. Humanity is causing climate change regardless of what clueless and ill informed politicians or others say.  In my personal opinion we are entering the Dark Ages of old with this new Trump Administration where petro-dollars, big oil/fossil fuels come first and political attempts to disrupt, discredit and attack climate science will happen.

Scientists, informed citizens and politicians, US Government employees and world leaders will have to stand up for Earth in the Trump era. Nothing less than the future of the planet, which determines our future, is at stake.

Sky Guy in VA

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