Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sky Guy INTERNET ALERT!!! Star Party Season

Hey Space Placers!

It is that time of year when the skies are getting darker earlier and the cool, crisp temps of Fall make for great observing conditions.

Our good friends at EarthSky have compiled a list of star parties for you to check and see if one is in your area.

Star Parties are a great time to meet and mingle with fellow observers and get to see the sky AND a variety of telescopes. They are great for families too as you get outdoors and enjoy each others' company under the starry night.

There was one Sky Festival missing - the Jasper Dark Sky Festival  - at which yours truly is attending representing NASA at the SPACETALKS segment. I sent EarthSky an email so I hope they will add it to their list.

I am headed to the Omni Homestead Resort to conduct two stargazing sessions this weekend for the guests. Even Resorts are into stargazing!

Get to one of these events - you will be glad you did!

Sky Guy in VA

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