Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Hey Space Placers!

Look at this picture:

The Four RS-25 Engines That Will Power
The 1st Stage of Exploration Mission-1
These are four upgraded Space Shuttle Main Engines powered 21 different Space Shuttle missions.  Now designated RS-25, these are the engines that will power the first stage of the very first Space Launch System (SLS) to be launched. 

Called Exploration Flight-1, the SLS will put an unmanned Orion spacecraft into orbit around the Earth. Upon checkout of all systems the SLS upper stage will conduct a translunar orbital insertion (TLI) burn that will put Orion on course for its 25-day mission.

Just writing this makes me excited...NASA launching its new rocket and manned spacecraft to the Moon.


I am hoping to get to see these 4 engines light on the test stand and on the launch pad. If I do, you will see it too ;-)

Sky Guy in VA

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