Saturday, December 23, 2017


Hey Space Placers!

The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy
Taken by Greg Redfern in the Coral Sea
Did you know the Roman Catholic Church employs a staff of professional priest-astronomers who conduct a wide variety of astronomical research and observations? That Pope Francis believes in the Big Bang  - the leading theory as to how our Universe came into being?

With Christmas upon us this is a GREAT article to read about science and faith (at least in the Catholic Church).

I have encountered people who say that their particular pastor says "the Universe is only 40,000 years old according to the Bible" or similar type exultations. My standard response is that "everyone is entitled to their beliefs" - I don't even try to change their minds because they are making their statement(s) AFTER hearing one of my astronomy presentations.

For those who debunk the "Big Bang" because it isn't faith based, I simply tell them about the Vatican Observatory and the Catholic Church's stance on the validity of the Big Bang. That is usually an eye opener to them and takes them aback a bit, usually wandering off muttering to themselves.

Modern day science and mainstream religion are NOT in conflict from what I have seen, read and experienced. The conflict usually arises when someone has been exposed to dogma from an individual who professes to know precisely what the Bible says/means when it comes to the Universe.

Science-faith conflict is like all other conflicts we have in this world - they are human made.

Enjoy this Holiday season and revel in the beauty and majesty that is the night sky - AND our ability to seek to understand it by ALL legitimate means available to us.

Sky Guy in VA