Sunday, February 25, 2018


Hey Space Placers!

How do your cars hold up? Do you get a new one every year with a lease or are you like me, keeping a car for years and years.

How would you feel about a vehicle that was warrantied for 90 days by its manufacturer but lasted you over FIVE THOUSAND DAYS?! Oh, and this is not on vehicle friendly Earth but Mars.

NASA's intrepid rover Opportunity just recently passed the 5,000 Sol (Martian day) mark. Its twin, Spirit, died years ago when it got stuck in sand and couldn't get sufficient solar power to stay alive.


Opportunity continues to make discoveries on Mars and who knows how long it will keep on ticking. 

Solar powered Opportunity has company on Mars as nuclear powered Curiosity roams the interior of Gale Crater and Mount Sharp. 

Next up for Mars is InSight which is scheduled for launch this May and will study the interior of Mars.

Mars will be on our minds this year as the Red Planet will be at its closes since 2003 and dominate the night skies this summer.

Looking forward to it.

Sky Guy in VA

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