Monday, February 26, 2018


Hey Space Placers!

Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2014

You may not know it, but we experience ALL kinds of motions here on our planet, the solar system, our galaxy, our local supercluster of galaxies and the Universe.

But so far the supreme motion that we currently know of is the expansion of our Universe. This is science fact because astronomers can directly measure this expansion and have done so since the 20th century. We have also discovered that not only is the Universe expanding but it is ACCELERATING in its expansion.

We know a lot but there is much more that we do not know at present. All of this adds up to a 'Holy Grail' in astronomy that astronomers are striving hard to unravel and understand. When they do it will greatly expand (forgive the pun) our knowledge of the Universe.

Here are two GREAT articles to help YOU understand what this is all about:

Sky Guy in VA

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