Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Hey Space Placers!

Sorry for the dearth of blogs these past 6 days but I have been really busy taking care of a lot of things since getting back from cruise especially since I have another coming up.

BIG NEWS yesterday is Acting NASA Administrator Lightfoot announcing that NASA will return humans to the lunar surface in the latter part of the 2020's. This conforms to the policy set forth by the current Administration to go to the Moon 1st and then Mars.

Earth's Moon
Greg Redfern
I have always felt that the Moon is the pathway to our human exploration of the solar system as it is such a natural extension for us here on Earth.

The Moon is 3 days away and has resources we can use there as well as here on Earth.

NASA working with commercial partners and other space faring nations in getting to the Moon will help speed the process along as well as make it more lasting this time around.

I just hope I live to see it......

Sky Guy in VA

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