Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Moon Beckons Us

Hey Space Placers!

Back from sea and just in time to go from 89+F to 6+" of it.

Watch this video, it will only take a few minutes but will bring a smile to your face I am sure:

If you are a long time follower - my thanks to you - you know the Moon is my fave place in the Universe and I truly love our planet's companion.

As the video shows and Phil Plait writes, the Moon is a great unifier for us all - if we ONLY look. Whether it is with our eyes, binoculars or in a telescope, the Moon captures us when we look. I too have seen the light of the Moon going into the pupil of a human looking through my telescope and heard the exclamations that erupt forth.....they are music to my ears.

Take a look at the Moon for yourself.....enjoy the'll be glad you did.

Sky Guy in VA

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