Saturday, June 30, 2018


Hey Space Placers!

Tonight at local midnight around the world the Waning Gibbous Moon will be joined in the southeast sky by the bright planet Mars. This will be a neat sight to see as the Moon and Mars will be close together as they rise and remain close all night. Mars is getting closer to Earth by the second and will
continue to get brighter until July 31, 2018 when it will be at its closest since 2003.

Go outside and see the duo no matter where you will be worth it. Oh, and now that you know where Mars is watch it get brighter over the next few weeks - it is quite the sight to see.

Asteroid Day

110 years ago today the equivalent of 5-10 million tons of TNT exploded above Tunguska, Siberia and took out 80 million trees across 800 square miles. We know it was caused by an incoming comet or more likely an asteroid. Fortunately, no one was killed.

If the Tunguska Event were to happen over a large city, a lot of people would die and be injured. That is the fact behind the creation of Asteroid Day. We are looking for asteroids every clear night and from spacecraft. We are developing the technology to detect and deflect the threat. But we have a long way and millions of asteroids to go.

Visit the website today, learn about the threat and what we are doing about it. See if there is an event going on in your area and tune in to the live webcast.

And remember......."the dinosaurs are dead because they didn't have telescopes or a space program".

We have both but we need to do more, much more to stay safe.

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