Monday, October 22, 2018


Hey Space Placers!

Every clear night in the East at sunset and every clear dawn in the West at sunrise you can see our planet's shadow. It is accompanied by a pink band called the "Belt of Venus" and both are quite easy to see if you have a clear view of the horizon.

Be sure to look on October 24th when the Full Hunter's Moon is rising in the East.

Full Snow Moon Rising out of Earth's Shadow & Belt of Venus
Taken at sea aboard Azamara Quest
Tasman Strait off the Coast of N. Australia
Greg Redfern
It is a daily reminder that you live on a planet that is in perpetual sunlight and as a result casts its shadow out into space. This is the "magic hour" of sunrise and sunset.

Take a look for yourself and contemplate the end and/or beginning of the day.

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