Thursday, December 6, 2018


Hey Space Placers!

WOW! I just can't help but look at all of the different types of rocks that are on this asteroid - it's like looking at a meteorite collection on display! The lack of impact craters and the appearance of BENNU reminds me of a rubble/sand pile - it just absorbs everything that it encounters. NASA's OSIRIS-Rex arrived at the space rock on 12/3/18 and will settle into orbit to start its mission of discovery - can hardly wait.

NASA JPL had another success with the InSight landing 11/26/18. We'll learn much about the interior of Mars - and the other rocky planets of our solar system - through this mission.

Russia launched a new crew to ISS which reported aboard 12/3/18.  This was a major accomplishment following the Soyuz mishap that destroyed the launch vehicle just a few months ago.

SpaceX also had a launch of a resupply mission to ISS on 12/5/18......

Busy times at ISS and space in general.

Tomorrow (US time) the Chinese are expected to launch their Chang'e 4 mission to the lunar far side for a landing. I'll be following that!

Sky Guy in VA

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