Saturday, March 23, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

More bad news for Boeing.

Boeing is pushing back the maiden launch of an uncrewed Starliner from April to at least August.

Top notch reporting by the Washington Post gives us the inside scoop on Boeing issues with the Space Launch System (SLS)    and     this additional article on the Starliner.

What I find to be most interesting is how the pressure being applied to NASA and its contractors is centered on political purposes surrounding the 2020 election. a LOT of the Nation's problems in its exploration of space have come from political sources. But NASA's greatest accomplishment of landing on the Moon was a purely political one as well.

Maybe someday NASA will be given a budget free of politics, one legislatively defined as a certain percentage of the federal budget. Such a defined budget would really go along way in improving the timeliness and mission accomplishments of NASA.

Sky Guy in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

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