Saturday, March 30, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

This is an absolutely incredible scientific find - fossils and tektites from the actual day, if not the HOUR,  the dinosaurs died has been found in a layer of soil in a place called appropriately Hell Creek, North Dakota.

A meteor impact 66 million years ago generated a tsunami-like wave in an inland sea that killed and buried fish, mammals, insects and a dinosaur, the first victims of Earth’s last mass extinction event. The death scene from within an hour of the impact has been excavated at an unprecedented fossil site in North Dakota.
(Graphics and photos courtesy of Robert DePalma)
From UC Berkeley News

Here are three stories to read:

Washington Post

New Yorker - An in-depth and EXCELLENT article

UC Berkeley News

The claims and evidence from Hell Creek will have to be scrutinized and verified by other scientists before it can be judged as verified. But I have to say that it certainly appears to be an incredible find.

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