Saturday, June 8, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

Today,  June 8th, is World Ocean's Day. Enjoy this mesmerizing video from NASA that shows the ocean currents of the planet.

So far in my life I have traveled nearly 200,000 nautical miles across the planet's oceans and seas aboard warships and cruise ships. I have sailed in all five oceans and many seas. Earth is a water planet with 70+% water coverage. The oceans account for 97% of the planet's total water. It is such a beautiful expanse of which I never tire of experiencing. The connection between Earth, sky and ocean is felt strongest when at sea.

Atlantic Sunrise
Greg Redfern
New research has revealed that comets may have significantly contributed to the origin of our planet's oceans. Countless cometary impacts after the Earth formed would have deposited a great deal of water. We know water is everywhere in the solar system so this makes complete sense. What a wonderful cosmic connection.

A Comet Passes By. The Green Color Is From Molecular Carbon.
Greg Redfern
We are in a time of climate change and plastic bombardment.  Humanity, all of it, is running out of time to change its ways with regard to fossil fuel and plastic pollution.

If you are near an ocean or sea, take time to contemplate their magnificence.

Remember, the planet doesn't need us, we need the planet.

Sky Guy in VA

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