Sunday, July 21, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

I was driving back from New Orleans, LA from a family vacation on Apollo's 50th. It had been wonderful to see all of the celebrations going on and the avalanche of Apollo 11 commercial items that could be bought - I was even eating Apollo 11 Oreo cookies!!!!

Along the way I visited Vicksburg National Cemetery where 17,000 Union soldiers, 13,000 of whom are UNKNOWN, are buried. I walked among them, touched some of the markers and thanked them for giving us a country that landed on the Moon 106 yrs after their ultimate sacrifice.

This is a distant but vital part of how we got to the Moon as are the National Cemeteries in Normandy, Punch Bowl, and around the world. 

We must remember the sacrifices of those who saved our country and preserved our democracy at the cost of their lives. 

We Americans - all of us - regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, need to remember who we are and what defines us a Nation. 

Doing so will benefit America and humanity.

Light from an Artemis Moon caressing the graves of those who sleep in peace will honor them greatly......

Sky Guy in VA

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