Thursday, August 15, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

We humans tend to think we have been and will be around forever. That simply is not the case. Our recorded history is around 5,000 years - not even an eye blink in the 4.5 BILLION year history of our planet.

We are at a crossroads right now that will determine our future. Will we finally wise up and act responsibly towards ourselves and the planet and thereforeSURVIVE AND THRIVE, or will we let the worst in us ruin our habitat and ultimately kill ourselves off in a world wide conflagration.

Truth to be told in mid-August 2019 it is not looking good for humanity and our present civilization making it in the far run.

This Atlantic article dies an excellent job in putting forth how we are just a blip or an event in the history of our planet. It also correctly assesses that over geological time and processes very little will remain of our presence here if we go the way of the dinosaurs - death from above due to a 10km asteroid impact - which could happen by the way.

The choice is ours to be made individually which then needs to be pushed politically to the world's leaders and then into action to save ourselves and our climate.

Two final thoughts I have shared before:

We need the planet, the planet doesn't need us....

The dinosaurs are dead because they didn't have telescopes or a space program......

Wise up humanity, the doomsday clock is ticking every closer to midnight......

Sky Guy in VA

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