Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Hey Space Placers!


At T-16 MINUTES the Demo-2 mission was scrubbed due to weather conditions. 
The next launch attempt will occur on May 30th, 3:22PM EDT.

As I am writing this in twelve hours we will hopefully see the launch of American astronauts from American soil using American made space hardware for the first time since the last Space Shuttle launch in 2011.

Weather may be a factor. SpaceX and NASA will be monitoring it closely.

Here is a video showing American astronauts training for upcoming missions and the spacecraft they will use to accomplish them.

Make no mistake....riding rockets is risky business. NASA and SpaceX have done what they can to minimize risk. Unlike the Space Shuttle, astronauts now have viable escape options from the pad to orbit which they did not have with the Space Shuttle. It takes a little over 8 minutes to make orbit and that is a very anxious period of time.

NASA and SpaceX are hotting live, virtual coverage of the launch, set for 4:33 PM EDT. Major news networks have announced they will be covering the launch as well.

I will be watching. Let's hope the Demo-2 Candle Gets Lit (launched).

Sky Guy In VA

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