Saturday, July 25, 2020


Hey Space Placers!

I hope you have been able to see Comet NEOWISE these past few weeks. The best comet for us in the Northern Hemisphere in the past 23 years is headed out to the deep solar system not to return for 6,800 years.

The ever brightening Moon and the steady dimming of the comet will make this weekend your best bet to get a peek with your unaided from DARK SKIES. For urban dwellers the comet should still be visible but requires optimal aid in the form of binoculars and/or a telescope.

It has been an absolute JOY to photograph and watch this comet. 

Comet NEOWISE in the morning sky
Greg Redfern

I hope there is another GREAT comet or at least one the caliber of NEOWISE sooner rather than later!

Sky Guy in VA

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