Thursday, December 31, 2020


 Hey Space Placers!

Sirius and Canis Major 

Greg Redfern

Ring in the New Year of 2021 with the brightest star in the night time sky - beautiful Sirius.

Visible in the sky from just about anywhere on the planet at local midnight tonight, it will be at its highest as the New Year rings in. This happens every New Year so maybe this will become part of your annual celebration.

Sirius is the heart of the Big Dog - Canis Major - that accompanies Orion the Hunter in the sky. It is in a glorious part of the winter sky that includes Orion and the Milky Way. The sheer beauty of this section of our Galaxy becomes apparent in deep exposures of this area.

Sirius (bottom), Orion (upper right) and the Winter Milky Way

Greg Redfern

Just about anywhere on the planet, you can see Sirius. It is bright enough to show through the worst light pollution. Clouds have to be thick to obscure it as it will be visible through thin clouds and gaps in thick clouds.

SO as we say good riddance to 2020 and hope for a far better 2021, make Sirius part of your New Year celebration. 

You may find that you so enjoyed doing such that you will look to the night skies far more often in 2021. With the night sky you will always find peace and respite for your mind and mood......

Take advantage of such a wonderful gift......

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Sky Guy in VA

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